How many times have you ever heard those words – Is your head screwed on straight? Probably more times than you want to admit. Have you ever thought about what those words mean?

Think about it for just a moment. As someone is looking at you and telling you something is their head straight up or is it tilted to one side? It is hard to look someone straight in the eye with your head tilted. How many people do you interact with that hold their head up straight versus holding their head tilted to one side?

Think for a moment about the people that you trust. When you talk to them do they hold their head up straight or do they tilt their head to one side? As you consider this question, I think you will find that those who hold their head up straight and look you in the eye are those that are far more credible and trustworthy.

If you think about it, when someone is speaking to you and their head is cocked to one side have you ever wondered what they really meant or were saying? Is their view of an issue tilted one way or the other? Why can they not look you straight in the eye? Those who analyze body language indicate that when someone tilts their head it can be seen as a sign of submission. This is because it exposes more of the neck and is viewed as making a person more vulnerable. A head tilt to the right can mean approval or attraction. A tilt to the left conveys indifference.

Charles Darwin noted that humans, as well as animals – particularly dogs, tilt their heads when they are interested in something. In advertising it has been observed that women are three times more likely to have their heads tilted than men. When making a presentation if the presenter tilts their head are they consciously attempting to win over the audience by appearing to be less threatening?

As this political season moves forward watch those who are running for office. Look to see if they are holding their head up straight or if their head is tilted to the side. Then consider what they are saying. Think about the spin that they are putting on the message they are conveying.

Growing up my father taught me several things. He told me to always look someone straight in the eye as I spoke to them. He also taught me to look straight into someone’s eyes as I shook hands with them and when I shook hands to do it with a firm handshake. He told me that most people cannot lie to someone when they are looking the other person straight in the eye. He also taught me to be very careful about dealing with people who would not look me straight in the eye.

Given these words of wisdom from my father I ask – Is Your Head Screwed on Straight?

The Alabama House will reconvene at noon on Tuesday, February 2, 2021