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For years there has been a saying associated with politics when a candidate is a prohibitive favorite that “the only way he can lose is if he gets caught with a dead woman or a live boy”. Perhaps that needs to be amended to include “or accused of being with a 14 year old girl”. The report from The Washington Post (http://www.milb.com/schedule/index.jsp?sid=t421&m=5&y=2018) about former Chief Justice Roy Moore made public today has rocked the Alabama political landscape. As of this writing this is nothing more than a press report about allegations of Moore’s behavior more than 35 years ago. Given the events in Alabama over the past several years dealing with Moore and former Governor Robert Bentley (aka The Luv Gov) Alabama deserves better than to have Roy Moore as its United States Senator.

It is too late for the Alabama Republican Party to substitute another candidate and have that person’s name placed on the ballot for the Special General Election on December 12, 2017. The only way for someone to step in as a substitute for Roy Moore is throough the write-in process. For someone to have any valid chance to win a write-in campaign several things need to happen very quickly. First, the Alabama Republican Party needs to remove Roy Moore as the nominee of the Party. Second, a well-known and popular candidate needs to be identified as a write-in candidate. Third a focused advertising campaign needs to begin informing the voters how to write in a candidate’s name. Fourth, an election day strategy needs to be put in place with perhaps 1 million golf pencils imprinted with Write In ______ need to be distributed around the state and given to voters as they enter the polling places on election day.

I personally believe that the only person that has the respect of the majority of voters in Alabama, has the integrity we need in Washington and could hit the ground running day one is Jeff Sessions. Jeff has endured extreme abuse from President Trump and has shown the strength of character to hold his ground. This idea has not, until this Report, been presented to Jeff for his consideration but my personal opinion is that if the people of Alabama felt strongly enough that they elected him through a write-in vote that he would seriously consider accepting the election, resign his position as United States Attorney General and return to the United States Senate to serve his beloved state.

Something must be done to restore some form of respect for the elected officials in our great state. We must elect someone above reproach. I have no idea if Jeff Sessions has any interest in returning to the United States Senate but Alabama needs someone above reproach. If you have any opinion on this subject please let let Jeff Sessions know. Alabama deserves better than to have a twice removed Chief Justice accused of pedophilia as our next United States Senator.

If Attorney General Sessions indicates he has no interest in this effort, then the alternative candidate with the best name recognition in Alabama is State Treasurer Young Boozer.

Regardless of who, Alabama needs a Senate candidate that they can be proud of and respect.

The Alabama House will convene the 2018 Regular Session at Noon on Tuesday, January 9, 2018
The Alabama Senate will convene the 2018 Regular Session at Noon Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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