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Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been called many things throughout his public career. He has been labeled as being extremely conservative, some have called him a racist, others have labeled him as naïve, he has been called blindly loyal and often he is referred to as “an Eagle Scout”. Of all the things Sessions has been called we should focus on the “Eagle Scout” moniker.

Sessions is, in fact, an Eagle Scout. He is a part of that very small group (less than 1% of those who enter scouting) of young men who earn the rank of Eagle Scout. Few young men realize at the time they earn their recognition as an Eagle Scout what it will mean to them in later life. It is an accomplishment that sets the tone of who they will likely be for the rest of their life.

Consider for a moment the 12 points of the Scout Law:

A Scout Is:

Trustworthy, Loyal,

Helpful, Friendly,

Courteous, Kind,

Obedient, Cheerful,

Thrifty, Brave,

Clean, and Reverent.

As you consider these points of the Scout Law think for a moment about the points that Sessions exhibits on a daily basis.

Sessions is Trustworthy: Even if it later becomes detrimental to Sessions’ personal best interest, if Sessions gives you his word on an issue you can rest assured that he will live up to his commitment. This is a rare quality in these times.

Sessions is Loyal: It has been very interesting over the past several weeks to watch national cable news media discuss just how loyal Sessions has been to President Trump. The same media outlets that denigrated Sessions during his confirmation hearings and early days as the United States Attorney General are now praising him and describing him as Trump’s most loyal supporter. Loyalty is a trait that Jeff learned at an early age and one that has stayed with him throughout his life.

Sessions is Helpful: In the nearly 25 years I have known Jeff Sessions he has always gone out of his way to help resolve any, and all, reasonable requests for assistance. It mattered not if he personally agreed with the position of someone asking for assistance, if the request was reasonable and within the scope of his ability Sessions always would do what he could to assist those he represented regardless of political party or station in life.

Sessions is Friendly: In all of the years of public service Sessions has provided it is a very rare occasion when you do not see him without a smile on his face. Most characterizations of Sessions show him with a wide grin. Perhaps some of the cartoonists depict him that way in an effort to lessen just how focused he is but Jeff is a happy man and that state of mind gives him the ability of help others with great ease.
Sessions is Courteous: Even in the face of great hostility Sessions finds a way to show the due respect for the person he is interacting with. He most always finds a way, if he disagrees with someone, to disagree without being disagreeable. That is a rare feat in today’s political environment.

Sessions is Kind: Going back to the early days of his life in rural Wilcox County, Alabama, Sessions remembers that old adage that you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. There is a saying that kindness is contagious. Jeff embodies that saying.

Sessions is Obedient: As a career attorney Sessions has been obedient to the law. There are times in the lives of all of us that we may not agree with a particular law or position. The real test of a person is if they can remain obedient to that law or position even while disagreeing. As Attorney General in Alabama and now as the Attorney General of the United States Sessions has committed to, and has, upheld the law of the country even when he might personally disagree.

Sessions is Cheerful: See Friendly above.

Sessions is Thrifty: Unlike many who have achieved the level of success that Jeff has achieved he and his wife Mary have lived, and continue to live, a modest lifestyle by comparison to his contemporaries. Sessions has chosen to focus more on his core beliefs and others than he has on building his own wealth.

Sessions is Brave: Bravery comes in many different forms. Most everyone can agree that bravery includes facing challenges knowing that the opposition is strong. Bravery also comes in facing issues – opponents – when you have a strong set of beliefs and core values, knowing that you may have to stand alone because your position may not be politically popular. From a public service standpoint Sessions has faced issues that have tested his resolve and commitment to its very core. Not the least of those things in Sessions’ life exhibiting bravery is in his military service. Jeff has served our country in a number of different ways without seeking personal glory.

Sessions is Clean: It has been said that perfection died over 2,000 years ago. None of us are perfect but Sessions attempts to lead his life in a manner that he believes is an example for others to follow. While others may not agree with Sessions’ position or stand, he strives to do the right thing as opposed to doing things “the right way”.

Sessions is Reverent: At the very top of Jeff’s priorities is his faith. Even with the extremely busy schedule he has maintained through the years he has made it a priority to remain involved with his church. He remains constant in his faith without feeling the need to tell you about it. He lets his life serve as the example of his reverence.

Within the scouting brotherhood there is a subset that learn a very valuable life lesson. They are taught that in life you will be handed great challenges (burdens). Those challenges will be placed upon your shoulder. The scout is taught that you do not drop that burden or pass it on to someone else until your brother lifts it from your shoulder. We can only imagine the burden that is on Jeff Sessions’ shoulder these days. One thing that we can all count on is that he will not pass that burden on to someone else until it is lifted from his shoulder by his brother.
Yes, Jeff Sessions is definitely an Eagle Scout and we should all be very grateful for that.

The Alabama House will convene the 2018 Regular Session at Noon on Tuesday, January 9, 2018
The Alabama Senate will convene the 2018 Regular Session at Noon Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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